Looking for a therapist who truly understands? Dr. Monica Landolt White specializes in helping individuals and couples manage stress, repair relationships, and heal from reproductive difficulties.

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Monica Landolt White, Ph.D., LMFT

What it’s like to work with me

My connection with you will be driven by deep compassion, and awareness of what brought you to where you are in life.  I will see you as a whole person, and understand how different relationships and environments impact you.  I will hold space for your pain, and celebrate your successes.  I will challenge you to treat yourself gently, to make changes that feel good for you, and to start to see things differently.  When you’re in my office, you will feel safe to say the things you want to say, and to share the parts of you that need healing.

How I do what I do
The idea of attachment is very important to the work I will do with you.  Attachment refers to how we form, act, and feel in our significant relationships.  Therapy with me is a focused and intentional relationship where attachment plays a role.  Within the therapeutic relationship you can heal past experiences, repair ruptures, and relearn ways of being so that you can start to feel better.  Some other words that I use to describe what I do are “systemic,” “parts,” and “experiential.”  That means that I will meet you where you are, and work to understand you as a complex and courageous person in the world.

My Credentials
I graduated with a PhD in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (Canada), studying how early attachment affects significant relationships throughout life.  I also hold a Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, and a Certificate in Maternal Mental Health from Postpartum Support International.  I am an EMDR provider, and completed training through an EMDRIA-Approved program.

My Co-therapist
We all heal through having positive, healthy connections.  Sometimes that comes in the form of a warm, fuzzy, lovable dog.  That is why Max, my hypo-allergenic, non-shedding therapy dog (part Newfoundland, part Poodle), is available for those clients who are interested.
  Although, his feelings won’t get hurt if you’d prefer he didn’t join us.


I see each of my clients as uniquely molded by their families of origin, relationships (friends, family, parenting, romantic), experiences, emotions, memories, coping strategies, values, beliefs, roles, identities, gender, spirituality, sexuality, culture, politics etc., and I do not discriminate based on any of those variables.  All parts of you are welcome here.

I believe in the inherent dignity, worth, and goodness of people, and have a passion for helping people see those qualities in themselves.  That is why I do the work I do, and why I would like to meet you.
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