Dr. Monica Landolt White offers evidenced-based and effective approaches for healing the effects of trauma, including AIR Network, EMDR/AF-EMDR, ART, and the Safe and Sound Protocol.

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Trauma.  It’s defined and measured by how your nervous system reacts, not the specific events you’ve survived.  This means that most of us have experienced small and/or large trauma, whether through life-threatening situations, bad relationships, toxic jobs, or childhood experiences.  Your nervous system can heal, and therapy can help.

AIR Network Therapy

You’re sick of talking about all of the hard things that happened to you.  You feel like you’ve lost your identity, and you’ve become your trauma.  You want to feel whole again – grounded, authentic, and able to trust yourself. 

AIR Network Therapy is a revolutionary approach to treat trauma.  Focused on competency, it allows clients to build their internal capacity for healing, while being grounded in their values and wisdom.  The foundation of AIR Network is a deep understanding of neurobiology and how traumatic experiences impact and reorganize our systems.  I am a trained AIR Network provider, and orient my work in the AIR Network model.


Sometimes your anxiety spikes and you don’t know why.  You have flashes of memories that are distressing.  Nightmares are a frequent occurrence.  You know you’re struggling with past experiences, but feel like that’s just how your life is now, and you need to accept it.

Trauma shows up in a lot ways, many of which we don’t realize are even attributable to trauma.  I am an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and am trained in ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy), which are evidenced-based approaches to resolving trauma symptoms that work.  They have been shown to be helpful with things like PTSD, grief, depression, and phobia.  They are different than traditional talk-therapy, and clients often report feeling better more quickly.  If you’re ready to stop carrying the weight of your past hurts, reach out to schedule today.  

Attachment-Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR)

Trauma that happens when we are young, during our developmental years, can have a life-long impact on our emotional state, relationships, and overall well-being.  I utilize Attachment-Focused EMDR, a specific and effective method for helping clients heal from the deep wounds of early abuse, neglect, and other hurts.  

The Safe and Sound Protocol

All of a sudden your heart is racing.  You feel like it’s hard to connect with your loved ones because you’re so irritable.  Certain noises make you want to crawl out of your skin.  It’s hard to concentrate. 

What do these things have in common?  They’re all signs of a dysregulated nervous system – the root of most trauma symptoms.  The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a music-based listening program to help your nervous system build capacity to be in a more calm and regulated state.   Facilitated in-session to build resilience, awareness, and regulation skills, SSP is a five hour program, typically completed over a period of days/weeks/months.  I am a Certified SPP Provider, and offer it to clients who are ready to think better, feel better, and connect better.

Note:  SSP requires an iOS or Android device and over-the-ear headphones.

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