Therapy for Women

Balancing success, with a mix of stress, pressure, and anxiety? Dr. Monica Landolt White specializes in helping professional women thrive.

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As a professional woman, you face a unique mix of stress, pressure, and success.  Sometimes work can be a source of pride and excitement, and sometimes it can be a source of frustration, guilt, and disappointment.  If you’re struggling to manage multiple roles, or find a work-life balance so you can truly thrive, you’re in the right place.


Chronic stress has similar effects on our bodies and mental health as trauma.

If it is getting harder and harder to get through your days, your energy is zapped, you feel on edge, have a short fuse, and sleep is all you want, but it is hard to come by, I can help.  Make an appointment today.


Anxiety is almost unavoidable as a working professional.  If you’re feeling like it is starting to impact your life in a way that feels like it is holding you back, reach out today.